B.C. Askins

The Man With the Golden Gun


Hit a PR for strict OverHead Press (OHP) on Sunday (225 x 2). Was at National Guard drill, frustrated, and went into the weight room to work it out. Think I could’ve gone for 235 but didn’t feel like I could safely bail with the iron weights and concrete floor there. Felt strong though.

Nothing Monday and Tuesday.

Decided today needed to be intense so I did 5 rounds of 5 tire flips and 5 x 135lb. power snatches (some serious Posterior Chain Training [PCT]).
With a 60lb. weight vest and pro mask.
Dropped the mask after one round, the vest after two, collapsed after the fourth round, but managed 11:00 total.
Then maxed out at 7 ring dips.

Time for a cold shower and a hot meal!


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