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Hit a PR for strict OverHead Press (OHP) on Sunday (225 x 2). Was at National Guard drill, frustrated, and went into the weight room to work it out. Think I could’ve gone for 235 but didn’t feel like I could safely bail with the iron weights and concrete floor there. Felt strong though.

Nothing Monday and Tuesday.

Decided today needed to be intense so I did 5 rounds of 5 tire flips and 5 x 135lb. power snatches (some serious Posterior Chain Training [PCT]).
With a 60lb. weight vest and pro mask.
Dropped the mask after one round, the vest after two, collapsed after the fourth round, but managed 11:00 total.
Then maxed out at 7 ring dips.

Time for a cold shower and a hot meal!


Motivation: low, Frustration: high…

…but sometimes it’s just like that. Til it isn’t.

Up at 0530 (no thanks to my worthless watch alarm and many thanks to my wonderful wife alarm). Planned a barbell press workout, but discovered that when babies are sleeping in the house, dropping 225 pounds of bumper plates from overhead makes me as popular as Thomas Nagel at Richard Dawkins’ fan club meetings. (Leave a comment if you get that joke without a web search. I’ll give you a shiny nickel.)

Anyway, scrapped lifting and ran 1.5 miles in about 12 min. Wanted to go back to bed the entire time. Looking ahead to a long week…


Took it easy tonight because I want to transition from an evening workout to an early morning workout. Trying to get up at 0500 tomorrow. Will post how that goes.

Got in 50 pull-ups (5 sets of 10) at the playground with my kids then managed 10 ring dips in sets of 2-3 after we got home. Kinda lame but I’m trying to console myself by noting that there aren’t a lot of 280 lb. hombres doing ring dips out there. At least that’s what I’m telling myself, anyway…


I have a confession: I’ve been slacking. Physically.

Last spring I accomplished a major goal, the Double Murph. It’s been pretty much downhill ever since. Continued to lift heavy through the fall, but didn’t do much cardio and skipped the metcons. Had a really busy fall semester and my son was born in October. Diet went out the window around Thanksgiving. Injured my foot in February being an idiot and basically haven’t done any consistent exercise since.

Enough of that. I’m getting back on the horse. Posting WODs helps keep me honest.

Dead lift 225 x 5
5 burpees
Dead lift 315 x 5
5 burpees

5 rounds for time of
Dead lift 315 x 5
400m run
5 x 5 toes to bars

Would like to increase the weight by 80-100 lbs and transform the “run” into a “sprint.”

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