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So after Double Murph at the end of April and May: Michael Murphy’s Merry Marauding Month-long Memorial Muscle Massacre (i.e. four Murphs in a month, including a Heavy Murph and an attempted Pro Mask Murph) and doing ridiculous workouts while moving into our new home (box jumps on truck tail gates, walking lunges with boxes overhead, etc.) I managed to completely fry my Central Nervous System. Whodathunk?

So now I’m thoroughly acquainted with what overtraining is like. It started feeling like I was going to have momentary muscle failure just walking up steps or holding a fork full of veggies. At least I didn’t get a visit from Uncle Rhabdo

So I took the last three or so weeks more-or-less off from intense physical training. But I got back to it today – however, I think I’m going to be following a somewhat boring (to write about) weight-lifting routine, calculated to maximize natural production of HGH and Test. So no crazy WODs on the blog, at least for awhile. I expect they’ll be back with a vengeance sometime before fall. Also need to ramp up my running mileage in preparation for me Mudder.


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