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Pro Mask Murph: Attempted

Gas mask practice Hallow School 1940s

Gas mask practice Hallow School 1940s (Photo credit: muffinn)

Murph with 21lb. weight vest and pro mask? Crazy. But I tried it. Back in March I did the running portions of Murph with a pro mask and decided I’d try to do the whole shebang in a pro mask today. Lesson learned: oxygen-deprivation sucks the life out of you. Quite literally.

So I made it through a couple rounds but had to dump the mask… then had to dump the vest a little over halfway through. The earlier hypoxia sapped a ton of energy. Total time was 59:01. I’ll need to do some more pro mask work before a goal like this will be attainable. This was a full hour of misery.


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One thought on “Pro Mask Murph: Attempted

  1. phil "smalls" Degtjarjov on said:

    good attempt, did full murph in gasmask boots and utes with vest….that sucked keep it up good feeling after you are done

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