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Muddy Fanatic 2012

Wounded Warrior Project

Wounded Warrior Project (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I ran the Muddy Fanatic 5K Obstacle Course on Saturday. It was a blast! I did it solo and looked at it as a fun training run in prep for the Tough Mudder this fall. (You can donate to the Wounded Warrior Project on my behalf here, if you’d like.)

It was a really great atmosphere, lots of fun people and camaraderie out on the course. It was a really burly 5K even apart from the obstacles, with one gigantic, continuous hill climb (which made Houghton College‘s “Devil’s Back” hill seem like a geographical pimple, for those who’ve been there). The obstacles themselves were tons of fun, and I stopped along the way to help several groups get over some of the bigger obstacles, which is always fun to me (but I had to see if I could make it over the obstacles myself without help – what can I say? I’m hyperindependent.) I got pretty scuffed up by the end, which just means I was doing it right!

Lessons learned for future races:

1.) Gloves are a must. (I flew down some of the hasty rappel rope bridges, while others were left hand-over-handing it.)

2.) Under Armour compression shirts and pants would be helpful (in minimizing scuffage and maximizing slipperiness through mud).

3.) I need to run A LOT more often – for distance. Not just sprint intervals. (Grrrr. I hate running slowly.)

4.) Free Monsters and free beer after the race is hard to beat.

5.) Team atmosphere is a lot more fun than going solo in these sorts of races (even if it means slowing down for weaker members).

On that note, anybody interested in the Rugged Maniac in August or the Tough Mudder in October?


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One thought on “Muddy Fanatic 2012

  1. blbartlett on said:

    Hi B.C.,

    My name is Ben Bartlett, I used to attend SBTS but now I work full-time at Humana. I ran the Muddy Fanatic as well and loved it. Also, I have put together a team going to the Tough Mudder in Kentucky October 20. Seems like we have a fair amount in common! Let me know if you’re looking for some people to attend Tough Mudder with.



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