B.C. Askins

The Man With the Golden Gun

WOD: “Cut Slingload”


US ARMY AIR ASSAULT BADGE (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, we’re gonna put on some weight – by which I mean a backpack, weight vest or body armor (whatever’s clever) and do multiple rounds of exercises, each to momentary muscle failure (MMF), followed by another complex of multiple rounds of exercises to MMF without the backpack/vest/body armor. Today is all about failure.

1 complex of 3 rounds (with weight – I used a 60lb. weight vest):

Max pullups
Max pushups
Max jump squats*
Max bar dips

No rest in between exercises and 30 seconds rest in between rounds.

Cut slingload (i.e. drop the weight), rest 2 minutes, and repeat the complex. The numbers don’t matter so much, since your muscles will be fatigued after the first round. Maximum effort intensity is the primary goal. Spit, grunt, groan, yell, whatever it takes, just don’t stop until you can’t move anymore.

I rounded things out with some core work – 3 sets of flags (Bruce Lee’s favorite core exercise) and 3 sets of mason twists with a 25lb. kettlebell (note: no bouncing like the woman in this video – that’s lame) and a 20-minute run/slog, just to loosen my legs up after the jump squats and the LSD run yesterday.

*I consider failure on jump squats to be the point when I can no longer generate enough force to jump, rather than when I can no longer air squat. But feel free to keep squatting until you collapse on the floor. You’ll be my hero for the day.

Coach Mark Rippetoe has been quoted as saying, “Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general.” Experience says that this is true regarding conditioning for combat – but it’s also important to remember that “God chose what is weak in the world to shame the strong.” (1 Cor 1:27) Paradoxically, God reveals his strength in our weakness, so that his glory is most clear when we fail – for Christ has received the wrath for our failures in order to forgive our guilt and to strengthen us to overcome our failures.


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