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WOD: Diagnostic LSD Run

LSD - attempted reconstruction of acid patterns

LSD - attempted reconstruction of acid patterns (Photo credit: wallygreeninker)

Nope, no acid here. Sorry to disappoint. LSD = Long Slow Distance.

For all the novice runners out there (like me), here’s the idea today: pick a time that sounds long (probably somewhere in the 30-90 minute range) and run at a pace that’s comfortable. Track your time and figure out the mileage after you run. (I use http://www.walkjogrun.net/, you can even find places in Iraq and Afghanistan on there.) This will give you an idea of your average pace (i.e. if you run for 60 minutes and make it six miles, then your average pace is a 10-minute mile), so you have a baseline for later workouts. Then you can either try to increase pace or distance, depending on your goals.

I covered almost five miles in a little under 40 minutes, making my comfortable pace around 8:15. A lot of work to do in this arena…


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